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At Hand & Halo, I realize that flowers are present at all of life’s most memorable moments. From weddings, funerals, graduations, or any special event, flowers can be preserved into displayable art, functional art and even wearable jewelry. I also specialize in breast milk preservation and cremation jewelry. It is my honor to be able to help you save a piece of your special events in life.

My mission is to help families with the loss of loved ones by preserving flowers from their goodbye, having something tangible after losing a loved one can be so helpful in the healing process.

I also specialize in preserving the beautiful blooms from your wedding day. With the exception of your rings and photos, what other tangible pieces are left after your wedding day? Don’t let those flowers end up in the trash, cherish them forever as a displayed piece in your home, or a wearable piece of jewelry to show off for years to come.

A mother’s breastfeeding journey can be both beautiful and hard! (Can I get an AMEN!) Preserving milk from that journey can be a beautiful reward to show for all of your hard work and dedication. I know that while my journey was short, I was so proud of the work that I had put in and I wish now that I had something to show for all that hard work!

If you don’t have milk left, don’t worry!! We can make a birth flower ring or pendant, which is what I made for myself.

Hi, I’m Cait!


I specialize in the preservation of life’s most memorable moments. From weddings, funerals, breastmilk, ashes and more. Making displayable art, functional pieces, and wearable jewelry.

Behind the scenes, I am a wife to a hard-working husband who works for our city and serves our country in the Army National Guard. Together we are raising a wonderful 10-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl. I will always be a mom first and an artist second. I thank anyone who chooses to work with me, as your trust and support in me therefore helps to support my dream of being a mother and an artist.

I sat at her funeral wishing there was something I could do to help my cousins after the loss of their mother.  I took her funeral flowers home and with the help of my mother, I set out to learn how to dry flowers and make angel keychains. I felt that I had done something that really helped in the healing of my family members and myself, so I would offer this small service to friends and families, making clay keychains from funeral flowers. This blossomed into what is now Hand & Halo. By 2019 I had started to gain some momentum. I set out to make my product even better and started my resin journey. Being able to show the flower as it was on the special day was very important to me. I was now able to offer the preservation option to wedding, and special event clients as well as funeral clients.

As time went on I was being asked every so often if I offered Breast Milk Preservation. This idea had not crossed my mind before, but I knew that if I could help a new mother or even a mourning mother, I wanted to be able to. After researching, and asking friends for their milk (awkward) I was able to figure out how to preserve a liquid! This has become The Skyla Collection. This collection honors my Goddaughter and niece, Skyla, who passed away at just 3 months old from hydrocephalus. Each sale from this collection donates $30 to the Adalyn Rose Foundation. This is an infant loss foundation helping families through the grieving process.

As a stay-at-home mom to two young children and a husband who works two jobs, this entire process has been a blessing from God. I prayed for a way to both be available to my children and help provide for my family, Hand & Halo has given this to me. I am beyond grateful for this journey and to every single client, from the very beginning clients that have clay beads to the most recent clients that have large showstopper pieces of art. Every single person has impacted my life in an amazing way, and I will continue to keep Hand & Halo focused on the client-first mentality that has gotten me to where I am today. Thank You!




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