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Please note that by booking with Hand & Halo, you agree that you have read and understand the fact sheet. You understand that all resin will yellow over time, bubbles can be present, as well as small bits of silica and debris. As well as the understanding that not all flowers dry the same, the condition in which I receive flowers is how they dry and I have no control over the color change that happens to some flowers. 

Booking deposit is $200 and non-refundable. This deposit ensures your spot on the calendar. The $200 will be taken off the balance of the order when the invoice is sent. The deposit will not be returned if the event is canceled, for flowers that are in bad condition after the event, lost at or after the event or lost in transit to Hand & Halo. If you wish to cancel your reservation with Hand & Halo, you may transfer the deposit to another date or to another person. 

The order minimum is $400. A block/hexagon or tray do not need to be purchased in order to meet the minimum. However please understand that add-on items will only hold 1-2 large blooms and small accent flowers/greenery. Meaning that the bulk of the bouquet will not be dried for the order. As we only dry what we need to make the order and some extra. We do not offer flower drying services, and therefore extra dried flowers are not given back after the order is complete. 

Hi I'm Cait!

I’m the one behind Hand & Halo! I specialize in preserving life’s most memorable moments, from Weddings, funerals and more. Flowers can be turned into displayable art, such as blocks or hexagons, functional art such as trays or candle holders and I can also preserve breastmilk and ashes into wearable jewelry. At Hand & Halo, we realize that flowers are present at all of life’s most memorable moments. From weddings, funerals, graduations, or any special event, flowers can be preserved into displayable art, functional art and even wearable jewelry. We also specialize in breast milk preservation and cremation jewelry. It is my honor to be able to help you save a piece of your special events in life.

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