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Booking is open through the end of 2024. As with any other wedding vendor, booking should be done as soon as possible in order to secure your date. We have a certain number of openings each week and cannot over book. 

In 2023 we will be implementing a $50 last minute booking fee. If there are openings left after your wedding date has passed and you wish to book, you can. We will however charge the additional fee due to having to accommodate the last minute bouquet. With that comes the need for additional staffing, hours and processing.

It is best to receive the flowers within 1-4 days after your event. After the event, place the flowers in a vase of water, and out of direct sun. Do not place the flowers in the refrigerator.

If you are within driving distance of New Bedford, MA we highly recommend making time to drop off your flowers. Drop offs can be made during weekdays from 9am-7pm. We request that you make an appointment for drop off. Weekend drop off will not be an option in the coming year.

Yes!! We accept flowers from all over the US. After booking, detailed shipping instructions will be sent to you. Within these instructions, you will be told how to properly package the flowers to keep them in the best shape possible. OVERNIGHT shipping is absolutely imperative for the viability of your flowers. Shipping To Hand & Halo is the clients responsibility. We do not take the shipping cost off the total of your order.

If your flowers arrive and they aren’t looking their best, we can try and remove any browning before drying.  If you’re not happy with them, we can look into replacement options. We can work with local florists to purchase and dry fresh flowers. Or we can use previously dried flowers left over from past bouquets. (We like to think of this as the previous brides paying it forward).

Yes, we can use any flowers in any age range. Save those crumbling and dusty flowers and turn them into beautiful, long lasting art. The only flowers we cannot use are moldy flowers. It is most common with bouquets that have been dried as is. Flowers placed in the freezer can sometimes be used, but any color will be lost. Air dried flowers are more prone to bruising and bubbles. 

Once we have your flowers the process will begin. Currently the lead time is 16-18 weeks. We are working hard to try and get that time down. We know that you are eager to receive your special flowers back and will try and update you during the different stages of the process. Please understand that this is handmade art. We take great pride in knowing that we give each piece hands on attention as it works its way through the stages.

Shipping is now included! Of course if you would rather pick up your pieces you are more than welcome to. For anyone wishing to ship their items, please include your shipping address in you’re booking information. Please understand that if you choose to have your items shipped, a tracking number will be sent to your email. Once the items have left the Hand & Halo studio, we are no longer responsible for the order. Lost or stolen items cannot be replaced by Hand & Halo. If you move and do not update us on your new address, we are not responsible for lost items. 

Yes. All resin will yellow over time. No matter the brand used. However, we use a high quality resin, with UV protection built in. This means that the resin should not yellow as fast as other resins on the market. We do include care instructions for your resin pieces. Resin pieces should not be placed in direct sun, or in extreme heat. This will accelerate the yellowing process. Hand & Halo is not responsible for any pieces that yellow after a 3 month timeline of delivery. As we cannot know in which environment the pieces were set.

Some more things to consider...

We will always try to accommodate memorial flowers. Due to the nature of the booked service required for weddings, memorial orders will sometimes have a longer wait time during the busy wedding season, May through October. 

nyone getting married on a holiday weekend should know that this will result in an extra day between getting the flowers to H&H. It is best to try and drop off flowers, but if this is not an option the flowers will need to be overnighted on the Tuesday following the holiday. 

Once you book your preservation, you are locked into the current pricing. Blocks, Hexagons and Trays can be upgraded at your original pricing. However new pricing will be applied to any additions to your order.

All deposits are non-refundable no matter the circumstance. The booking is meant to hold the spot, and if you were there, that meant someone else could not book.

If you have made additional payments before your flowers arrived, we will refund you the additional payments. 

If you choose to cancel after your flowers have been dried by us we will refund your order less the deposit amount. However we will not give your flowers back to you. We do not offer drying only service and so once the flowers are in our possession, they will not be returned unless they are made into pieces that we create. 

If you are unhappy with your order please email us so that we may have a chance to view any issues you may have. Refunds will not be given for reasons that are out of our control, such as color changes, air bubbles, pieces of nature in the pieces, etc. (Please read our expectations pdf.) Lost or damaged items. 

If you want to give a preservation gift to someone, please fill out a contact form. We have gift cards available or we can help you book the preservation in order to save the date. 

We do not offer color enhancing. It is our belief that painting the flowers takes away from the natural beauty of the flowers. There are flowers that loose color or change color during the process. It is our opinion that even though a flower may fade it is still present in your piece whereas if not for the preservation you would not still be able to enjoy it. If you want to omit the color changed flowers we completely understand. Make sure to let us know during the layout process. 

If you want to add some ribbon, lace, charms, pins, or photos you totally can! Please note that anything set into resin will be there forever. If you would like to add the name, initials, and/or date, this can be done for an additional fee. 

While we don’t offer a payment plan option like Affirm. We do have an option for you. Please fill out the contact form and we will send our plan to you. 

Remaining flowers are not typically returned after the preservation is complete. We try to dry what we will need and a couple extra. If you want the extra flowers they can be sent to you for an additional fee, due to packaging and shipping. Flowers that are left behind are saved and used for anyone that may need a flower replaced. I do not charge anyone for the service. I consider it one bride paying forward to another. 


More questions? Please fill out our contact form.

Hi I'm Cait!

I’m the one behind Hand & Halo! I specialize in preserving life’s most memorable moments, from Weddings, funerals and more. Flowers can be turned into displayable art, such as blocks or hexagons, functional art such as trays or candle holders and I can also preserve breastmilk and ashes into wearable jewelry. At Hand & Halo, we realize that flowers are present at all of life’s most memorable moments. From weddings, funerals, graduations, or any special event, flowers can be preserved into displayable art, functional art and even wearable jewelry. We also specialize in breast milk preservation and cremation jewelry. It is my honor to be able to help you save a piece of your special events in life.