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Blocks & Hexgons

Blocks and Hexagons range from 6 inches wide to 12 inches wide. These are displayable pieces of art that can be laid flat or stood on one side. (This is the most popular way to display the blocks and hexagons) Each piece will range in thickness from 2-3 inches deep. This depends on the height of the flowers. Any flowers requiring more than the 3 inch thickness will require an additional fee. However this is rare, and in most cases the flowers normally found in bouquets and arrangements fit into the typical range. Large pieces will range in weight from 10 lbs to 18 lbs depending on the amount of resin used. Layout options are given for each of the sizes, and once approved will be cast in resin. Please make sure to read our FAQ page to learn more about care of resin products. Please note that prices below are for both hexagon and blocks.

6-in Hexagon


8-in Hexagon


10-in Block


12-in Hexagon


Book End Pair

5-in Pairs $450.00 
7-in Pairs $750.00
7-in One side $400.00

Trays & Plaques

Trays are quickly becoming the most popular item requested at Hand & Halo, and we can see why! We currently offer 11×14 inch acrylic trays with gold handles. Please reach out if you would like silver handles, a colored tray or a larger size! We would love to work with you to make new trays! There are two options this year and they are the same price. 

“Full Bloom” Tray – This means that the flowers are dried as they are, with the exception of taller flowers (such as roses, peony, protea, lilly, etc) Tall flowers will be opened to allow for the height of the tray. The height of the resin will go to the top of the tray leaving little to no lip. Sometimes flower petals may still be visible at the top. We will give you the option to keep them as they are or to have them trimmed.  

Pressed Tray – This means the flowers are pressed. Leaving a different look for the flowers, and a lower lying resin height. Resin will only fill to about 1 inch, 1 ½ inches high, leaving a lip on the acrylic tray. Flowers that do not press well are sunflower, protea, dahlia, peony, and the china garden variety of roses, this is due to the thick centers of the flowers. Something to consider when picking which tray you want. 

Trays can be displayed laid flat or on one edge. Rubber feet are provided with each tray so that you can decide where they are placed based on your display choice. 

Please note that all Plaques are pressed.  Plaques require fresh flowers to be pressed.  Plaques are made from resin and will be 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches thick.  Plaques can be displayed on a shelf or a frame holder.  Hand and Halo does not provide hanging material.

***Very important, trays are DECORATIVE only. Due to the softer resin that we use to allow for clarity, trays can scratch if used daily. Please read our care instructions.

Pressed Tray


Full Bloom Tray


10-in Plaque


18 x 12-in Plaque


Add-On Pieces

Add – on items can be purchased as part of a larger block order or by themselves. No layout options or previews are given for these products. Please note that the 4 inch block/hexagons will only hold 1-2 flowers. Letters will only hold small accent flowers, greenery, and petals from larger flowers. We will ask what flowers you might want in these pieces but it is not a guarantee. 

4-in Block or Hexagon


5-in Letters


Spheres & Tealight Holders

3-in Sphere / Tealights $120.00 
4-in Sphere $225.00

Ring Prism




Paper Weight Coaster


Teddy Bear


Bottle Stopper


Jewelry & Accessories

All Jewelry items are made with sterling silver, unless another metal is requested (this will be an additional fee) Items that are not sterling silver are, Angel Keychains, bottle openers and money clips. These items are made with very small pieces of petals or leaves, and therefore previews and layouts are not given. Color of petals can be requested and we will do our best to accommodate each request.  Breastmilk and Cremains additions can be added to any jewelry piece for an additional $15 fee.

All jewelry is apart of the Skyla Collection where 10% of all proceeds are donated to Adalyn Rose Foundation.

Angel Keychain


Bangled Bracelet






Tie Clip


Cuff Links


Bottle Opener


Money Clip


Hi I'm Cait!

I’m the one behind Hand & Halo! I specialize in preserving life’s most memorable moments, from Weddings, funerals and more. Flowers can be turned into displayable art, such as blocks or hexagons, functional art such as trays or candle holders and I can also preserve breastmilk and ashes into wearable jewelry. At Hand & Halo, we realize that flowers are present at all of life’s most memorable moments. From weddings, funerals, graduations, or any special event, flowers can be preserved into displayable art, functional art and even wearable jewelry. We also specialize in breast milk preservation and cremation jewelry. It is my honor to be able to help you save a piece of your special events in life.